Satisfied ChipChappers Speak


ChipChap is the Best!

"I have finally found the ultimate natural lip balm!! I'm extremely picky about lip balms and have been on what seems to be a lifelong quest to find the best lip balm. My search has now finally come to an end. ChipChap natural lip balm is so luxuriously natural and dreamy you really have to try it to feel the difference. All the ingredients are natural and of the highest quality. You can instantly feel the difference between ChipChap and other lip balms the moment you put it on. The container is also very nice as well. The container looks very unique and I will definitely save it when I get done using the lip balm. I would highly recommend this lip balm to anyone. It is in a class all its own and all natural. If you want the best lip balm ever get this!"


Feels Good

"Feels good, smells good. Ladies always ask what it is when they kiss me. Plus I love the jar it comes in."


ChipChap is Life.

"I am always on the hunt for a great lip balm. I have not found anything better than CHIPCHAP. It is holistically one of the best products you will ever buy. To give a reasons why is-- it is effective, safe, all-natural ingredients, hand-batched, moisturizing, healing. Superb attention to detail! You can absolutely feel the LOVE invested in every jar each time you put it on. The aesthetics are icing on the cake-- glass jar, gorgeous logo, and NEW MEXICO TRUE!!!"



"I received this as a gift and fell in love with the first application! It feels so luxurious on my lips and keeps them super hydrated. Also, it tastes great, my 6 yr old daughter tried to swipe it from me. Packaging is gorgeous and makes for a wonderful gift! Definitely recommend"

Love this lip moisturizer!

"Excellent. The best I have ever use for the southwest dry air. It also lasts a long time."

Five Stars

"Great for the high altitude dryness here in Colorado- nice flavor, too."


The Best Lip Balm!!!!

"Oh my!! I received ChipChap as a gift and I absolutely love it!!! It is the best lip balm that I have ever used!!!! Not to mention that it is all natural and safe for everyone!!"

My Favorite

"This is my favorite lip balm to use!! Not to thick and smells amazing!! Not to mention how great it makes my lips feel!"


Happy Married

People Lips

"I live in Colorado where the dryness plus 364 days of sun leave me with dry lips. ChipChap saves the day and the best part is that my husband loves to use it too! The deep desert scents using natural oils makes us feel very happy about using toxic-free body care products. This stuff is FRESH!"


I love it!

"I received ChipChap for a gift. It's a wonderful product. It provides long lasting moisture. I ended up using every drop and kept the lovely jar. I love it!"


Super Hydrated Lips

"This product has saved me so many times! I'm a desert dweller as well so it excites me quite a lot to see a product designed by a company that understands the hydration needs of an arid environment. I have soft, super hydrated lips without all the nasty gunk in other chapsticks. Highly recommend!! Smells great and tastes awesome! ;)"


The Bridge to Both

My twin and I spenttwo weeks romping through the NM Chihuhuahan Desert.  In the desertnothing is guaranteed, except the relentless sun.  ChipChap battled it, keeping my lips hydrated and protected.
On this adventure, we ran into fellow travelers...  Despite my dirty hair and leathered skin, they noticed my lips and complemented me on there glossiness!  I can genuinely attest too the quality and reliability of this product,  in addition to making me feel fabulous.
When you are in the wild necessity trumps your need to feel beautiful; ChipChap doesn't make you choose, it is the bridge to both.


Classy Chap!

"I love the indigo glass container that this amazing balm comes in. So very tastefully presented. I usually gently dip my lipstick into the balm & spread for a little color to go along with my freshly moisten lips! Love it!"


Perfect Balance

"I live in a dry northern climate where my lips need constant TLC. ChipChap strikes a perfect balance of healing properties and natural ingredients that leave my lips soft without any weird residue. And I LOVE the fact that it's made from organic ingredients and none of that petroleum-based nastiness."

Worth Every Penny

"From the packaging to the product, this is my favorite lip balm I've ever used. I use it when my lips need a little help rehydrating, and it doesn't trick them into thinking it needs it constantly because it's an honest product full of honest ingredients. Worth every penny."


THE BEST lip stuff ever

"I'm not sure what kind of magic is in this, but it is THE BEST lip stuff ever (and I have tried everything)! We keep some on our kitchen counter- that's how much everyone in our house reaches for it!"