About our Founder



Mary Kane grew up in New Mexico and is New Mexico TRUE to her core (uncertified). Years of studying and concocting resulted in all of this. She says:

The Sacred Desert, truly, was born from ChipChap- our natural unisexy lip balm. I have been making ChipChap since 2009; I started making it because I could only find natural products that did not make me feel beautiful (white, waxy lips are not a good look) or more conventional products that made me feel like a modern woman but were made of scary things (SCARY THINGS). So, like a mad-natural-scientist, I created ChipChap- I made it for me and it has become our debut example of what happens when you throw out old, basic recipes to suit basic needs and start from scratch; reinventing what people should expect from their essentials. The three things I would want with me if I were to find myself on a deserted isle are a water bottle, a knife and ChipChap (then clearly I could Girl Scout my way home).