What is The Sacred Desert?

The Sacred Desert is a natural unisexy self care product company that arose from the needs of its creator. Our Founder has been making all of her own self-care products for nearly a decade, and her education on the matter has only grown. Every item we carry, she has been making and using personally for years. 



What is ChipChap?

ChipChap is a natural lip balm made in New Mexico, USA. It is a Certified New Mexico TRUE product. 
ChipChap is exclusively for people with lips; bikers, skateboarders, athletes, dancers, poets, anyone- welcome.
Most every ingredient in ChipChap is organic and fair trade.
ChipChap is unique in how it feels and tastes, and in how it supports the health of your lips. ChipChap bridges the gap between natural and conventional products with the integrity of its ingredients and the physical results on your lips. 

What is unisexy?

Unisexy is the word we use to convey that our products are both unisex and attractive.




Is ChipChap sold in stores?

Not insofar. We are looking for the right fit.


Do you make anything else?

Yes! We have a list of other products we will make available in the coming months. 

Why these jars?

Excellent question! We use violet glass to contain all of our products (other products coming soon). The quality of ingredients affect our bodies, and the quality of the jars affect the ingredients. So, we use a dense violet glass which naturally filters the spectra of light which accelerate decay.


How do I order wholesale?

We are not currently taking wholesale orders, however, you may still send inquiries using the contact page form.


What is your shipping policy?



Currently, we offer USPS 1st Class and Priority. More options to come.

We are looking forward to selling internationally. We intend to broaden these horizons within the year. 


Any other questions?

Let us know and we'll add them to the list :)