One- First Thing's First

For our first post, we thought it would behoove us to start with the bare basics. 
You may be looking for that glow, that- 'I had to come over and say hi to you because you are clearly next-level-humaning' gleam. That 'whatever you are doing write it down and break the internet with it so I can learn your ways' radiance. 
We've got you, Fam. 
Do not operate machinery other than that luscious mind of yours while reading this ancient wisdom. Maybe take a few deep breaths (blog foreshadowing). 
The absolute, above-all-else, imperative to self-care is self-care. 
Simply put- the way you treat yourself is the way your health treats your body. 
We implore you- care for yourselves. 
With love from the top of our self-care horse,
Mary Kane