The Sacred Desert

The Sacred Desert is a unisex, natural self-care product company that arose from the needs of its creator. Our Founder has been making all of her own self-care products for nearly a decade, and her education on the matter has only grown. Every item we carry, she has been making and using personally for years. 



ChipChap Origin Story

ChipChap is a natural, fabulous and New Mexican lip balm. Here is how it all began, from the Founder herself:

"I have been making ChipChap since 2009. I started making it because I could only find natural products that did not make me feel beautiful (white, waxy lips are not a good look) or more conventional products that made me feel beautiful but were made of scary things (SCARY THINGS). So, ChipChap happened. 
All of the ingredients are functional, but more than that- they account for all of the things we want when we concern ourselves with the health and beauty of our lips. I made it for me, but once it was in high demand by family and friends (then friends of friends), I decided to offer it to the public.

The three things I would want with me if I were to find myself on a deserted isle are a water bottle, a knife and ChipChap (then clearly I could Girl Scout my way home). If ChipChap can hang in the desert- ChipChap can hang anywhere."




Mission Statement

Start from scratch to care for modern people intelligently.